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The Expansion Principle is a unique technology that focuses on finding the origination of an issue, using a priority based approach.

It is a channeled technology co-created by Dr. Alexis Edwards and a multi-dimensional being named Simon. Combining muscle testing techniques, energy transmissions, and energy/body scans, the Expansion Principle helps people heal at their own pace, meeting them where they are.

This approach has the ability to release trauma and restore the energy body, activate DNA, release pain from the physical body, ground and calm the emotional and mental bodies, and provide overall balance in each moment. 

Learning and becoming attuned to this technology is a healing process for you, as the practitioner.  It allows you to hold and maintain a resonance within your body the promotes health, growth, and peace on all levels.

Keep reading to learn about the history and future of the Institute.

History of the Institute

The Expansion energy began as a knowing and a nudge. In early 2015 Dr. Alexis began to hear the name "Simon" on repeat. At the time she did not know what it meant or the doors it would open.


 Several months later while working on a fear release exercise in the hopes it would allow her to move forward with some spiritual understandings, Dr. Alexis discovered that it was finally time to meet Simon.

Over the course of the year Dr. Alexis began to interact with the non physical, multidimensional being named Simon. This was a collaborative relationship that eventually turned into Dr. Alexis channeling energy through Simon, energy that was not of this planet or dimension. 

What began as energy transmissions for her patients in her in person clinic eventually evolved into the Expansion PrincipleTM healing sessions and the modality as a whole. 

Continually guided the Expansion Principle trainings now consists of Level 1 and 2 Practitioner Training Programs and Teacher training level. 

The Expansion Principle is an intelligent energy that meets a person where they are then allows and supports their evolutionary process physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

As such we have continued to expand into the Expansion Principle Institute with a multitude of offerings for people at all levels of growth, regardless of where you are on your path.

Future of the Institute

The future of this technology is ever evolving. 


Our belief is that the Expansion Principle has the capacity to heal and effect change within the human experience and planet in ways we do not yet fully fathom.


While we notice measurable change in the well being and overall quality of life in any and everyone one who experiences the Expansion Principle energy at any level we are continually recognizing the far reaching effects this depth of healing will have.

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Dr. Alexis Edwards with Expansion Principle practitioners, Becky Mikita, Jenny Dumont, and Nichole Black.

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