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The Expansion Principle

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Practitioner Training

2018 Schedule

Level 1 Practitioner Certification Training Program

7 Week online instruction 

June 7th 2018 

Expansion Retreat

July 27th - 29th

Butterfly Creek Inn

Tryon, NC



Week 1 Introduction to the Expansion Principle 

           This week you will learn the history of the modality and receive an initial attunement to the frequencies of the Expansion Principle. We will cover the mechanics of how it works in spiritual terms as well as within quantum physics and within the human system. 


Week 2 The Five Elements

           This week you will gain in depth knowledge of the five elements within the Chinese medicine system. Gaining this understand will allow you to view the human body in an integrated way.


Week 3 The 11 Chakra System 

            This week you will be come familiarized with the 11 main chakras and how they relate to each other and to the health of the human body on all levels. 


Week 4 Energetic Cords

            Cords are one the more misunderstood topics in the spiritual/ healing community. This week we will learn about energetic communication, what it is, why and how we cord. Once we understand the basics we will explore how to indenting cords within our body and how to work with them, including cutting, healing, regrowing and overall maintenance of this vital energetic system.  


Week 5 Muscle Testing and Body Scans


Week 6 Client Interaction/ Clinical skills



Week 7 Healing Transmissions 



Week 8 Integration Week: Putting it all together 




Each week will have a video and written module and a live call. 

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