The Expansion Principle: Healing for the New Earth

It is time to ACTIVATE the mission within.  

A Modern Spiritual tome in two parts. 

The Story Wisdom Learn the story of an everyday woman channeling an intra dimensional being, Simon. Explore the wisdom of timelessness, healing. and reconnection to self, one another and the Earth. The Expansion Principle is their offering of remembering and of alignment with sovereignty.

Simon doesn’t have a message, he/we have a mission.

This simple difference is part of why the activation of individuals is so important.

A mission has more meat to it, it also has a desired result. In this case, Expansion.

A message is very specific, and it also requires human words. And this energy, this origin, is not human.

Much of our communication occurs through a felt sense, both emotional feelings and physical sensations, as well as through knowing.

Simon shares a transmission, and it comes through as an idea or group of thoughts. But the essence of it, is none of those things and all of them at the same time.

The beauty in this is that it is so nebulous.