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Level 1 Training

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The constant digging and uncovering. The seemingly unending accumulation of certifications and knowledge. It can become exhausting!

It's not about MORE, it's about finding the tools that have the most resonance with you and who you are.

The paradox of this, is that we are constantly evolving and growing as human beings. This means that as we grow and expand, our resonance changes. That's why you'll often feel you outgrow tools.


Unless those tools grow with you, adjusting to your frequency and resonance in your continual becoming along this path of human existence.


Want to know a secret......

The Expansion Principle is that tool that has the capacity to continually meet you where you are.

The Level 1 Training is a 6 month program designed to prepare you to be a Certified Expansion Principle™ Practitioner, meaning you utilize all the skills and knowledge with clients.

The Expansion Principle™ can easily be integrated into a variety of service and/or product based business.  This modality can be used for 1:1 healings, in group settings, meditations, channeled into art or any physical product, during speaking engagements and so much more.


Learning and becoming attuned to this modality is a healing process for you as a human being. It allows you to hold and maintain a resonance within your body the promotes health, growth and peace on all levels.

There is no prior healing experience or training required.

Interested in learning more about becoming Attuned to the Expansion Principle for personal growth?


Are You Interested In Becoming a Practitioner?

The Training coursework

Introduction to the Expansion Principle™

Module 1

Learn the history of the modality and receive an initial attunement to the frequencies of the Expansion Principle™. We will cover the mechanics of how it works in spiritual terms as well as within quantum physics and within the human system. We will also explore personal development through and with the Expansion Principle.

Time & Space
Module 2

As human beings our relationship to time is one of the things that anchors us to being physical on this earth. Exploring and understanding Non - linear time deepens how experience being human.

Intuitive Expansion

Module 3

Becoming a competent practitioner of the Expansion Principle™ requires you to have a strong connection with your intuition. We will learn the ways in which you perceive psychic/ extrasensory information and develop the skills to deepen these abilities.

Spiritual Soup/ DNA

Module 4

Everything that we are, have been, every will be, everything that informs us is contained within our Spiritual Soup/DNA. Within us each we hold our physical and spiritual DNA. Learn how to access this for yourself and for others.


Module 5

Ordinary Reality is what we experience on a day to day basis and is the only one most of us are aware of. Beyond the everyday is a multitude of dimensions. An introductory understanding of dimensions and interdimensionality assist us in navigating the world of the Expansion Principle.

Expanded Energetics &

Transpersonal Communication

Module 6

Ethics and basic ways to communicate with clients in a professional and compassionate way are of utmost importance for any healer or facilitator. We will learn these skills and have a clear understanding of practitioner ethics.

Expansion Labyrinth

Module 7

This is the week you’ve been waiting for. This week you will receive the bulk of the attunements to the Expansion Principle™. You will learn how to connect to the energy and how to transmit it in 1:1 and group settings.

EP Methods & Tools

Module 8

Having tools to assess your client's health and wellness allows for more accuracy with the modality. This week you will learn how to muscle test.  This allows you to connect to client's energy to ask yes/no questions and to notice energetic imbalances, in order to determine what needs to be addressed in the session and to create a treatment plan.

 Being a Practitioner 

Module 9

Ethics and basic ways to communicate with clients in a professional and compassionate way are of utmost importance for any healer or facilitator. We will learn these skills and have a clear understanding of practitioner ethics. We explore who we desire to be as a practitioner. 

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Initial Training and Attunement Followed by Practitioner Development

The first 4 months will consist of you initial training, complete with bi weekly modules and bi weekly group video calls. The last 2 months will be focused on allowing you the space and support your growing skillset and explore how to apply it in your life and future practice. This time includes opportunities to practice your new skills and receive feedback from Student Teachers and Dr. Alexis. During the time you will also be able to begin your case studies for certification.


Upon successful completion of the 6 month course you will be required to submit 4 case studies of using the Expansion Principle™ with clients to become certified. 


Next Class Begins September 2022

This Is For You, If You...


Know what your purpose and mission in this life are.


Don't know what your purpose and mission in this life are.


Desire to be in a conscious state of perpetual expansion.


Know that as Einstein said the consciousness that created an issue cannot solve the issue and that changes in consciousness are needed.


Have a desire to help humanity in one capacity or another.


Believe in the power of supportive containers and other worldly energy, 


Are ready to make big strides in your life path.

This Is Not For You, If You...


Are perfectly content with not moving forward in your life and path. 

Don't think people can grow.

Enjoy being stagnant. 

Also included in the training program:

  • A private Facebook group 

  • Group Zoom Chat

  • 2 Group Calls per Month with Dr. Alexis 

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