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Expansion Principle

The Expansion Principle is an incredible trans-dimensional healing technology that helps you in your personal and professional evolution. While we have "all the answers within us", we are not on this planet existing in vacuums. Part of being human is interacting with one another. We have found healing is often most easeful when we walk with someone on the healing journey. The relationship with your practitioner is unique. Since 2018 almost 40 individuals have training in the Expansion Principle Energy Healing Technology. Below is our list of practitioners that are currently publicly working with the Expansion Principle energies. 

Level 1 EP Practitioners


Jessi Dunnagan

  • Instagram

Level 1 Fall 2018

"I infuse my writing and other creative projects with EP energy allowing any person who reads the works or experiences the projects is able to benefit from its healing principles." 

Type of sessions (distance, virtual/zoom, in person) -  Memoir is available as a way to experience the energies in a subtle, indirect experience. Also available for questions on how I personally experienced using the energy in physical products

Practitioner Showcase Pam-2.png

Pam December

  • Instagram

Level 1 Summer 2020


Shelby Melissa

  • Instagram

Level 1 Spring 2020


Samantha Pearsaul

  • Instagram

Level 1 Spring 2020


Melissa Fernandez

  • Instagram

Level 1 Fall 2021

Sunset Portrait

Jessica Threklhold

Level 1 Fall 2019

Sunset Portrait

Kelli Tomkins

Level 1 Spring 2021

Level 2 EP Practitioners 

Sunset Portrait

Shaina Feldman

EP Level 1 Summer 2018

EP Level 2 Spring 2020

Untitled design (57).png

Kathy Edwards

EP Level 1 Fall 2018

EP Level 2 Spring 2020

Sunset Portrait

Sherry Kitchen

EP Level 1 Summer 2018

EP Level 2 Spring 2020

EP Teachers

photo sep 30, 2 00 00 pm.jpg

Alexis Edwards

  • Instagram

Founder of the Expansion Principle Institute 

Channel of the Expansion Principle Energy Healing Technology

Untitled design (60).png

Becky Mikita

  • Instagram

Level 1 Summer 2018

Level 2 Fall 2019

Teacher Training 2020


Amy Clemente

  • Instagram

Level 1 Fall 2019

Level 2 Spring 2020

Teacher Training 2020

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