Meet Our Founder


Dr. Alexis Edwards

Alexis Edwards is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Multidimensional Healer, Psychic, Author and founder of The Expansion Principle. She's taken the knowledge she's gained since starting her spiritual journey 15 years ago and transformed it into programs that supports spiritual workers and healers. Growing up in a spiritual household, a tangible relationship with the unseen was a given. Immersed in the world of ritual, reverence and spirit created a deep sense of faith and trust in both herself, the world of the unseen and what she is here to do on this planet, in service of humanity. Dr. Alexis's goal is for her students to expand their being by becoming who they are and releasing + healing their past trauma. Through her innumerable lifetimes, in relationship with an inter-dimensional being named Simon, she brings the Expansion Principle energies to help rewrite the potential future of humanity.