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Expansion Principle Institute Offerings

"Our natural state is that of perpetual expansion, which is as much about healing as it is about learning."

- Dr. Alexis Edwards

Activate Your Essence


Whether you are a healing practitioner, medical provider, or someone interested in energy work. If you're here, it's because you have a call to become part of this movement.

As a channeled modality/ technology The Expansion Principle is NOT a methodology or way of doing things. These are unique energies that are not of this Earth, not of this dimension. 

We are at a point in human history where we have a very significant choice to make about how we choose to live and operate in the world.

Many of us are being called forward to be a part this massive awakening. To be of greater service. 

Becoming an Expansion Principle Practitioner allows you to activate your essence to follow your highest and truest path.

Expansion Principle Training

Expansion Principle Practitioner Trainings are the center piece of the Expansion Principle Institute.

Group Programs

  • Time Keepers Apprentice

  • Cherish

  • Medical Intuitive Intensive


Quarterly Themed Masterminds

  • Healer's Revolution

  • Imaginarium

  • Time Keeper

Courses & Bundles 

  • Manifestation Magic Bundle 

  • Seer

  • Elemental Expansion

  • Expansion Labyrinth 

Pathways to
Expansion Principle

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Personal /Life Enhancement 

The personal use category is one of the broadest. This encompasses the use of Expansion Principle Practitioner Training for self development, healing from your past, improving romantic relationships, becoming a more connected parent, enhancing patience and communication skills etc. We have had an incredible number of people who begin training purely for their own personal growth who very quickly feel called to share the energy with others in a variety of ways. 

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Purpose Activation

Expansion Principle can be used as a Vehicle to share your individual purpose in the world. If you are someone who knows they want to share their magic and wish to be the change they know is possible, Expansion Principle Practitioner Training could be that vehicle. Every Practitioner is unique in how they use EP. One of the best things about Practitioner Training is that it gives you structure and also allow for you to shapeshift into your truest state. In this state your purpose expresses itself naturally and easefully.

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Mission Integration 

Are you someone who already is walking their talk and sharing their gifts with the world? The Expansion Principle Practitioner Training can be a way to enhance your existing practices. It's a beautiful thing to be in a place where you know you are fullfilling your purpose. There isn't a limit to how EP can be utilized, even in industries where it doesn't seem applicable. Some examples from our previous students include doula work, business coaching, accountants, etc. 

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