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 Philanthropy Weekend


We are the change. It is through our actions that we help co-create an experience on this planet that is centered on love and compassion. I deeply believe we are actively moving towards a world where hierarchy is dissolved, each individual operates with the fullness of their soul, and we natural and collaboratively meet each others needs. Expansion is our natural state, we live symbiotically with each other and with the earth and all her beings. We honor and respect sovereignty and the sanctity of consciousness.



I believe philanthropy is one of the pathways to the New Earth I describe above. The word philanthropy is of greek origin and in it purest meaning is "the love of humanity". We have made it mean many things that stir us away for it's vibrational purity. To me philanthropy exists outside of hierarchy and as such it helps us alchemize it into a more collaborative experience. This offering isn't about who has and who doesn't. It's about access, sovereignty and love. It's also in the name of hope.

Individual Courses


Origin: Exploring Our Soul's Beginning

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A workshop style course with lectures on the moment we differentiate from source and accessing that experience. As well as  guided experiences to access your “origin”. 



What we differentiated as and how that informs so much of the subsequent experiences we have across lifetimes etc.


 Accessing our origin allows us to wield the power of it intentionally, heal what is necessary and amplify what empowers us. 


This course is a mix of lecture and exercises that will guide each person to access that differentiated/ differentiating experience. 


• 4 part pre-recorded course 

• Lifetime access

• Includes lectures, Q & A, Orgin activation, Expansion Principle energy transmission, a guided Origin access meditation etc.



Pre-recorded course


Fluency: Expanding Energy Literacy

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Our basic understandings, knowledge, direct and indirect experience all come together to create a foundation of how we experience and interact with the world.


The level of effectiveness by which we communicate with one another in a given language is usually dependent on the level of fluency we have in a language, on our level of literacy.


In this 5 module course you will assess and then expand your level of literacy and fluency in the language of Energy and Vibration.  


What you receive


• 5 Module course 

• Lifetime access

• Includes lectures, recorded Q & A, Expansion Principle energy transmissions, guided meditation etc.




Pre- recorded course


(in) Love: Being Inside the Frequency of Love

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The practices, exercises and wisdom in this course is what saved my marriage 5 years ago. This is the real deal. 


This course is a mix of lecture and exercises that will guide you along your journey to expand who you are in relationships.


Our focus in this course is on romantic relationships, however the concepts are applicable across all walks of your life.

• 7 part Live course 

• All content will be available on replay 

• Lifetime access

• Includes lectures, Q & A, Love activation, Past relationship healing, Expansion Principle energy transmissions, guided meditation etc.



Pre recorded course

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Hope, Dream, Know: Real Life Manifestation

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Learn to go beyond common manifestation methods while tuning into what is most correct for YOU.


Manifestation means to bring into the physical. We do this all the time, regardless of if we are conscious of it. And it works beautifully and effortlessly.


Sometimes our minds get overly involved. Then what we create often has little to do with what we actually would like to experience on a soul or heart level.


There are millions of people "manifesting" someone else's version of a dream life while simultaneously beating themselves up for not "being where the want to be/are supposed to be".


Theres another way.


In this workshop we explore what that looks like in real life, with tangible applications. 


Pre recorded Workshop, lifetime access to content. 



12 Month Passes & Trainings


Bardo 12 Month Access Pass

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Bardo is a journey into the in between. Each session includes a metaphysical lecture followed by a channeled Q & A with Simon. 


This experiences are life changing. Your questions are answered with love and compassion. Participants find the session to be very loving, supportive and their dose of self care.


Two sessions per month.

12 Months access 



Expansion Portal Pass

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Are you allowing your greatest expansion?

Desire to know yourself to a deeper degree? To heal the stickiness that won't budge? 

To liberate yourself from false conditioning?


Imagine a whole year of courses and support to address each aspect of your life.


This pass gives access to all personal development courses offered by the Expansion Principle Institute for 12 months, starting the day you purchase your pass. Excludes certification/ training programs, Expansion Principle Practitioner training etc.


A la carte Value of over $7,550

Expansion Portal Pass - $2,222

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Expansion Principle Practitioner Training

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The Expansion Principle is a channeled energy healing technology/modality. It is the foundation of the Expansion Principle Institute.


6 Month Training.

While this modality can be integrated into any existing practice/ type of work you are currently utilizing no prior experience with energy work is required.

Next class begins in September.

When you choose to enroll in EP training it is a commitment both to training and of being a practitioner. We have a very active alumni group and the connections continue long after training is complete.

Full Information page can be found HERE.


Philanthropy Weekend Access Codes

100% off = LOVE         75% off = HOPE        50% off = HEART         25% off = EXPANSION  

You may be thinking "ok, this is awesome. How does it work?" Glad you asked. Take your time to explore the offers feel into what you're drawn to. If you're interested in the Expansion Principle Practitioner Training be sure to check out the main info page with all the details. Below each course/ pass name there is circle EP symbol click to open the check out page. Within that form you will be asked if you have a coupon enter you chosen access code from the list above.

It may feel a bit strange to have so much freedom to choose. I am doing this as a love offering for you and humanity, its not a "sale". I don't really do sales, I believe deeply in my prices. It's also not charity. Its about recalibration and reallocation of resources. When choosing which code to use you may know immediately and you may not. Feel into what feels the most correct. When we lift off the veil of illusion that money often throws over us, we can begin to actually see what it for us, what our next best step is. Feel into what you'd like to receive and what you would like to give.

What exchange feels most symbiotic?


This process may be activating/ triggering for you, especially around the themes of money, receiving, shame, guilt and worthiness. Simply notice it. Allow it to move through you. What feels vibrationally true, move towards that. Part of what we are doing is dismantling scarcity and that is huge.


Another important aspect of this is that philanthropy isn't just rich people giving things to people who have less or the assumption and expectation around money. It's about symbiosis and all of us ensuring all of our needs are meet, to ensure all beings are not just surviving but thriving. 


Move swiftly or gently. Follow your correctness.

This is one of scariest most insane (by society's standard's) I have ever done. It is stretching and expanding me and ways I hadn't even imagined. The level of trust I have had to flow into to present this to you is truly beyond words.

Email me at or send me a direct message with any questions or to request a payment plan etc. Also feel free to send me a message to celebrate with you! I'd love to hear what you enroll in.

Inspired and would like to dive deeper, feel like going all in? 1:1 Mentorship is available with me. Contact me for details.

If you feel guided to send a different amount than what the codes allow feel free to send to the PayPal link above. In the notes indicate what it is for be sure to also feel out the appropriate check out page.

Any amount you feel guided to offer in exchange is welcomed and appreciated.

Dr. Alexis

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