Healing Sessions and the Illumination Process


Expansion Principle Healing Transmissions

The Expansion PrincipleTM can be experienced in a variety of ways.

The first is through what we call Healing Transmissions. While they can be delivered differently depending on the specialties of the individual practitioner, they generally have one focus. 

Expansion Principle Healing TransmissionsTM are used by our practitioners around the world. These sessions can be done either in person or via distance.

Expansion Principle Healing TransmissionsTM are useful for caring for all levels of the body Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual. Specific uses include reduction in pain, increased overall health, support in hormonal balance, fear release and overall emotional processing and balancing.

The Illumination Process

The Illumination process is non specific, it is for the overall upgrade of your system over your lifetime and beyond.

Illuminate is a process of putting into place a specialized energetic blueprint for the structure and stability of your energy. 

It goes beyond DNA activation to install a holographic scaffolding that is unique to you.

Illumination Sessions are the middle ground between receiving an EP transmission during a single session and becoming attuned to the Expansion energy.