Enjoy a handful of the experiences our Expansion Principle practitioners have had...

The shifts that took place after being attuned to The Expansion Principle are, honestly, still unfolding even months later! I think one of the coolest parts of being attuned has been watching the healing it’s done in my life.


Each attunement seemed to come with its own experience of release in my own life. I could feel myself evolving and the new boundaries and experiences flowing in more naturally.


I expected to be able to use this practice for my business but have been most pleasantly surprised to watch it help shift and align myself with my higher purpose so naturally.


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Jessi Dunnagan

Class of October 2018 

When my class began, I was in the midst of some heavy personal matters.  It was one of those situations where I was looking around desperately for something to cling to, yet it never crossed my mind that EP would have the impact on my life that it has.  I wasn’t a healer. I didn’t know anything about energy work. I questioned it a million times - was I even doing it right? The Expansion energy was so fluid and gentle that I’d nearly convinced myself that I wasn’t really working with it at all.   


Then things began to shift in every aspect of my life.  The changes I experienced felt so natural that I didn’t notice until one day, I looked at my life and was in awe of how I’d gotten to this place of peace and certainty and expansiveness.  The knowing was palpable. 


After four attunements, the Expansion Principle is now a part of my everyday life.  It’s a part of who I am, and the shifts I continue to experience are just as profound and just as natural as ever.  I’m incredibly grateful for Alexis and for this energy, and it’s such a joy to be a part of the EP family.

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Jenny Dumont

Class of June 2018

It’s somewhat difficult to put into words how profoundly [The Expansion Principle] has changed my life. Or how healing it has been for me, or how the energy has had a positive impact on my family, or how my spirituality has expanded, or how my interaction with all of nature has been enhanced. Life changing........to say the least.


I didn’t enroll to become a practitioner, I enrolled for my own spiritual growth. I did it for ME! The benefits I’ve experienced were never expected but oh so welcomed. I can truly say I feel like I “flow” through/with life now. I don’t experience the emotional peaks and valleys that I use to; my compassion for all has increased; my connection to Spirit deepened; and the magic happens every single day! And I’ve found the more you utilize the energy the more expansive it becomes.


And Alexis holds space for you in the most compassionate, loving and kind way. She supports you through the experience and beyond!


I am very grateful for the Expansion Principle and I’m in awe of the impact it has had on my life!

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Kathy Edwards

Class of October 2018 

When [Dr. Alexis] launched the Expansion Principle I KNEW INSTANTLY it was for me. I had NO IDEA how i was going to make it happen. Or how it would change my life. 


I took that leap and you know what? It happened. The money came in. The miraculous evolution of my soul began, and I was forever changed in ways I couldn't have ever imagined.

***I have remembered my soul's true purpose.

***I have shifted my perspectives to those of higher consciousness.

***I have grown exponentially as a human being and a spiritual being.

***The transformation is palpable and has rippled through those I surround myself with.

***Those who know me can SEE/FEEL it and ask me what it is that is different.


The Expansion Principle is a modality that is beyond description. Beyond words. It's revolutionary and the time is NOW.

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Becky Mikita

Class of June 2018